What's going on in our Community

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County takes great pride in being a part of the Southern Worcester County community. We understand that communities like ours holds America together. We want to do our part to ensure that the Southern Worcester County community thrives by helping those less fortunate, keeping the area safe, and making our community the best it can be. Please consider saving our Franchise number in your cell phone just in case!

Location: Valley Chapel
14 Hunter Road
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Comedian Bob Smiley comes to New England for a night of family-friendly comedian to support the ministry of Fuse Concerts. Joining Bob will be comedian Mike Hickman.

Price: $15 - $20

Ribbon Cutting at Garrett's Family Market - May 3, 2019 - Milford Area Chamber of Commerce