Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling Removal in Southern Worcester County

Upon arriving to the scene, the customer complained of a stained ceiling and random drops of water falling out of the ceiling. Having seen many of these before,... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

The photo on the left shows insulation in the ceiling that had been damaged from a leak in the room right above it. To remediate the problem, the professionals ... READ MORE

Overflowing Sink in Sutton, Massachusetts

A few weeks ago, a bathroom sink in Sutton, Massachusetts, as shown on the top left, was clogged and no water that was coming out of the faucet could be drained... READ MORE

Air Duct Cleaning in Auburn, Massachusetts

As the summer season rapidly approaches, it is time to think about having your HVAC inspected. Did you know? Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit i... READ MORE

Base of a Wall Removed

The other day, SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was called to solve a water problem in the basement of a Worcester home. The homeowner was complaining about... READ MORE

Mold Sanding off of Attic Rafters

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County showed up to a home that had been experiencing a funky smell coming out of their attic into their living area(s). When we h... READ MORE

Flood in Master Bedroom Taken Care of

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was called to a home that had been experiencing flooding in the master bedroom. Upon arriving, our crews located that ... READ MORE

Moldy Ceiling Tiles Remediated

This damaged ceiling in the basement of an Oxford home was a result of a water damage that had been present in the home for quite some time. When our crew arriv... READ MORE

Bathroom Tile - Removed

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was called to a home that required the removal of their bathroom tile. Due to a leak from the neighboring tub/shower, pictu... READ MORE

Mold Scrubbed Out of Concrete Floor

SERVPRO of Southern Worcester County was recently called to a home where the concrete flooring in the basement area had been riddled with mold and soot. As you ... READ MORE